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Meet the Designer -- Hartmut Hass
Hardy Hass I was born and raised in Fuerstenberg, a small town north of Berlin. I was exposed to a variety of handcrafts throughout my childhood. My mother spent almost every evening knitting sweaters, crocheting, or embroidering tablecloths. When she started to teach my sisters how to crochet, I decided that I wanted to learn too.

Of course my first doily was quite sloppy, but I was determined. After many attempts, I was finally able to make the pattern come out right. After mastering many basic patterns, I began to work on the more difficult and exciting patterns.

Eventually, I craved greater challenges. I began buying books and trying different kinds of handicrafts like tatting, pillow lace, macrame, and hardanger. I started to create my own patterns that I designed to fit perfectly over my furniture.
As my confidence increased, I decided to send a picture of one of my tablecloths to Anne Burda, a large German company that publishes books about handicrafts throughout Europe in many different languages. They invited me to visit their company and eventually published many of my designs.

I have been working with this company since 1989 and have published over 100 different designs for crochet, tatting, and hardanger with them.

In 1995, I moved to America and pursued my career more intensely. While I continued my work with Anne Burda, I also started publishing designs with the American School of Needlework, Coats & Clark and the House of White Birches. You can see more of my designs published in these magazines at any time.
Some of my other work featured on the cover of these popular magazines
Hartmut Hass on Cover of ASN

Hardy on Cover of Old-Time Favorites Hardy on Cover of Old-Time Crochet Magazine
Crochet Master Class featuring Hartmut Hass - Filet Crochet

Crochet Master Class


Hartmut Hass - as the Master of Filet Crochet
Hartmut Hass on Cover of Anna (German company)

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Anna (German company)

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Annies Favorite Crochet

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Burda (German company)

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Crochet Yearbook

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Filet Afghans

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Filet Christmas

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Old-Time Crochet 20

Hartmut Hass on Cover of Filet Throws

Hartmut Hass on Cover of The Big Book of Doilies

What I do when I'm not crocheting
As you know, crochet is my passion. But for more than 10 years, I have worked at a non-profit center for the handicapped, known as the Janet Pomeroy Center in San Francisco.

I enjoy working with kids with many different disabilities. Many of my students are autistic. For some, swimming is the high-light of their day.

Of course, I get tremendous enjoyment teaching kids how to swim. With their parents help, I teach kids as young as 6 months old to enjoy the water. They learn a valuable skill.
I have a special connection with the seniors I teach in our arthritis exercise class. We have fun keeping our limbs flexible. What started as a joke - exercising to polka music - is now a staple. They won't let me play any other music!

Hardy's arthritis exercise class for seniors

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