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Elegant Tablecloth Patterns Book
in Filet Crochet
(US/Canada only at this time)
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Signature Series (US/Canada only)
$10.95 + S&H
This book has 5 Filet Crochet Tablecloth and Table Topper Patterns. These crochet patterns are all originals done by Hartmut Hass. Ordering this tablecloth pattern book is easy. Order online with PayPal (just add it to your cart and Checkout) or use our Mail-in Order Form.

Elegant Tablecloth

Like the rays of the sun, this pattern will brighten any room. This Tablecloth is perfect for smaller, round tables. The scallops will look nice draped over the edge of your table.

Thread: About 10 balls Cotton thread #10, 225 yds/ball
Hook: 1.65 mm (#6 / #7 USA)
Size: 33" diameter (84 cm)
110 squares x 110 squares


The large center blossom is framed by a ring of roses. The Lacet Stitch is used to give the lace-like appearance surrounding the flowers. This technique is for intermediate to advanced crocheters. Give it a try.

Thread: About 22 balls Cotton thread #10, 225 yds/ball
Hook: 1.65 mm (#6 / #7 USA)
Size: 57.5" diameter (146 cm)
192 squares x 192 squares

Elegant Tablecloth

Elegant Tablecloth
Royal Manor

Feel the luxury of this rich looking Tablecloth. This style is reminiscent of the older, grand patterns of the Victorian era. Adding tassels will enhance the elegant look. This Tablecloth is destined to become a family heirloom.

Thread: About 24 balls Cotton thread #10, 225 yds/ball
Hook: 1.65 mm (#6 / #7 USA)
Size: 71" diameter (177 cm)
236 squares x 236 squares


Butterflies take main stage in this Table Topper. The alternating positive/negative images add a new twist to the basic Filet. The leaves and blossoms surrounding the butterflies give the whole piece a very intricate look.

Thread: About 14 balls Cotton thread #10, 225 yds/ball
Hook: 1.65 mm (#6 / #7 USA)
Size: 48" diameter (122 cm)
159 squares x 159 squares

Elegant Tablecloth
Elegant Tablecloth

If you have a square table, this is the Tablecloth for you. Ribbons of big blossoms alternate with areas of the Lacet stitch to complement each other perfectly. And if you need a matching Table Topper or Doily, just crochet the center part. Its like having 3 designs in one.

Thread: About 25 balls Cotton thread #10, 225 yds/ball
Hook: 1.65 mm (#6 / #7 USA)
Size: 65.5" (166 cm) x 65.5" (166 cm)
218 squares x 218 squares


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