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Required QuickTime Version
System Requirements
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Required QuickTime Version

  1. Which Apple Quicktime version do I need?
    You need Apple's QuickTime version 7 or higher. Other versions will not work. You can Download QuickTime 7 free from the Apple website.

  2. Why can't I download Apple's QuickTime version 7 or higher?
    You need to have any pop-up window blasters turned off to use our link to Apple's QuickTime version 7 or higher. Or cut/paste this link in a separate browser

  3. I need more help with Apple's QuickTime version 7 or higher?
    Go to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/troubleshooting/ for more help.

System Requirements

  1. What are the System Requirements to see HassDesign Crochet Stitch Videos?
    Check the Apple website for the latest System Requirements. As of February 2006, they were:
    For Windows
       - A Pentium processor-based PC or compatible computer
       - At least 128MB of RAM
       - Windows 2000/XP

    Mac OS X
       - A 400 MHz PowerPC G3 or faster Macintosh computer
       - At least 128MB of RAM
       - Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later

Why is it slow?
  1. Why is my download slow?
    Download speeds can be affected by many factors.
       - the speed of your computer's processor
       - how much memory your computer has
       - how fast your internet connection is
       - how much traffic is on the internet
         and so on

    Note - we recently upgraded our website to very fast and reliable connections.

  2. What is "dial-up" connection speed?
    We offer two crochet stitch videos. The ones tuned for "dial-up connections" are a little smaller than the files tuned for high-speed connections. However, the files are still large. The download times for the videos tuned for "dial-up connections" are quicker than the movies for high-speed connections.

    If you use a dial-up modem (eg 56k speed), you should use the videos tuned for dial-up connections. Note that it may take several minutes to download some stitch videos.

  3. What are "high speed" connections?
    If you have a broadband, dsl or cable modem, then your computer should be able to handle the videos tuned for high speed connections. They are much larger files, but the size and quality of the stitch videos is higher. Note that it may take several minutes to download some stitch videos.

More Help

  1. Where can I get more help?
    We just created a new Message Board category for QuickTime Help. Add your question, or answer some one else's message on our Hass Design Message Board.

    Be sure to include:

       - which version of Apple's QuickTime you have (only version 7 or higher will work)
       - describe the problem
       - describe what you do or type, and what happens
       - the kind and type of computer you have
       - which operating system and browser version are you using

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