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Free Instant-Print Pattern Special     Back to Top     SPECIAL OFFER     Sale

  1. How does the Free Instant-Print Pattern Special work?    (as of 12/2006)
    Spend $20 or more** (on a single order) and get 1 additional Instant-Print pattern for Free (that's up to a $4.95 value if you chose one of our Poncho or Shawl Patterns). If you spend $40 or more, get 2 free Instant-Print designs (that's up to a $9.90 value). After you place your order, send an email to Hardy (hassdesign@aol.com) with your additional Free Instant-Print pattern selections. We will activate them for you right away (usually same day, but up to 48 hours later).

    Note: the qualifying pattern total must be on a single order.

  2. What counts towards the qualifying total to get the Instant-Print Special?
    Most everything we sell at Hass Design counts. That includes our Crochet-Along classes (ordered individually), any of our Design Books, any of our Instant-Print Patterns, purchasing a Gift Certificate, and even Shipping charges!

    What does NOT count towards the qualifying total to get the Instant-Print Special?
    - We kept the price of our Linen Centers as low as possible to make them available to you at the best possible price. So the Linen Centers are not included in the qualifying total.
    - When the recipient redeems their Gift Certificate, the amount of the Gift Certificate does not count for the qualifying total since the purchaser received the Special.
    - Our Crochet-Along Club does not count for the qualifying total.

Help with Shopping at Hass Design     Back to Top
  1. Is it safe to order?
    We have chosen PayPal as our secure payment processor. PayPal is a fast, safe and secure payment processor. PayPal is part of EBay, so you know it is backed by a great company. PayPal has millions of satisfied customers.

    we accept all these securely through PayPal PayPal is safe and secure
    ebay now owns PayPal, so you know ordering is fast, safe and secure.

  2. Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes. Hass Design works with PayPal to process our transactions. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and eCheck (from your checking account). We do not store credit card numbers in our database.

  3. Do you accept Mail-In Payments?
    Yes. Send us a completed Order Form with your check or Money Order in US dollars. Please click on the "Ordering Help" button on the left-hand menu-bar for more information.

  4. Do you accept International payments?
    We can accept International payments through PayPal for our Crochet-Alongs and Instant-Print Designs. Otherwise you can pay with a US Money Order. Please contact Hardy in advance for special requests.

  5. Do you accept payment in Euros, Francs, or other foreign currencies?
    No, not at this time. Our payments must be in US dollars.

Free Pattern     Back to Top
  1. Who can download your 'Square Doilies with Lilies' and other Free Patterns?
    Anyone who is an active member of Hassdesign (has an active, valid Email Address) can download our Free Patterns. Not already a member? then Join our Email List (it's free), and be the first to hear about our Crochet-Along classes, free patterns and other offerings.

  2. Some Free Patterns say, "For our Loyal Members." What is this?
    We want to reward those of you who have purchased at least one item from us. So we have special Free Patterns and Designs throughout the year that we save just for you. It's our way of saying, "Thank you for supporting us."

  3. I'm having problems accessing the Free Pattern?
    You must be an active member of Hassdesign (has an active, valid Email Address) before you can download our Free Patterns. Also, your browser must have Javascript enabled and accept cookies from our website. Make sure you have disabled any pop-up window blasters as our Free Patterns are accessed through a pop-up window. See I'm having trouble logging in for more information.

Passwords and Logging in     Back to Top
  1. How do I join Hass Design?
    Click on the "Join Hass Design" button on the bottom of most pages. Enter a valid Email Address and mailing information. Your password will be emailed to you in a about a minute. You must change the initial password we assign to you. You can do this by clicking on the "Change Password" button on the lower left hand side of most pages. You need to be a member to access our Free Pattern(s), Crochet-Alongs, Instant-Print Designs and to receive emails from us. We value your privacy and will never sell your personal information. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

  2. How do I change my Password?
    Click on the "Change Password" button on the left-hand navigation button. Enter your Hass Design Email Address, your current and new Passwords.

  3. I forgot my Password, can you tell me it?
    Click on the "Forgot Password" button on the left-hand navigation button. Enter your Hass Design Email Address and your Password will automatically be emailed to you. It only takes a minute.

  4. I did not get the password you emailed me
    We send the password to the Email Address you joined with, so be sure it is valid. You might have to check your "spam folder" as some email systems mistake our initial email as spam.

  5. Do I need to use the same Email Address as I ordered in PayPal?
    Yes. Our system updates our database using the Email Address you used in PayPal. If you are ordering for someone else, then contact Hardy at hassdesign@aol.com and we'll reset it for your friend's Email Address. The first time you order from us through PayPal, we automatically sign you up as an active member of HassDesign. Your password will be blank. You can Change your password using the "Change Password" button on the left-hand navigation bar.

  7. I'm having trouble logging in.
    We have tested our website with all the latest browsers. Our website uses cookies. They are a very small file that we save on your computer. (Most websites use cookies). You must accept Cookies from our website to access our Free Pattern(s), Crochet-Alongs and Instant-Print Designs. Be sure to check that Cookies are Enabled in your browser. This may require that you have your Internet security set to MEDIUM. If you have it set to HIGH, then it will not accept cookies from our website and you cannot access all the features of our website. These settings can be checked in your browser by clicking on
    Internet Explorer
    1. click on Tools
    2. click on Internet Options
    3. click on the Privacy tab, make sure it is set to MEDIUM

    1. click on Edit Preferences
    2. click on Tools
    3. click on Advanced
    4. Check Accept all cookies

    Note - it's best to close all but one browser before changing your cookie settings. You may have to clear your browsers cache to make these changes take effect. Close the last browser and re-start.

    Contact webmaster@hassdesign.com if you have any questions.

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