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Swan Lake Doily & Curtain Crochet-Along
Online Filet Crochet Classes
US & International
Also offered self-paced

Free Crochet Patterns Special Offer
Swan Lake Curtain
Swan Lake Curtain
Thread: 3 Balls white #20
Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)
Size for 3 segments: 37.5" wide (93 cm) x 21" long (53 cm)

Round Swan Lake Doily
Round Swan Lake Doily
Thread: 1/2 Ball white #20
Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)
Size: 16" diameter (40 cm)

Practice Square Doily
Practice Crochet Square Doily
Thread: 1/4 Ball white #20
Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)
Size: 11.5" x 11.5" (29 cm)

Practice Square Coaster
Practice Crochet Square Coaster
Thread: 1/8 Ball white #20
Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)
Size: 5.5" x 5.5" (14 cm)
UPDATE 2023: Crochet-Along with our group or sign up and work self-paced. All lessons are available. Hardy is always around to help you if you need it. Or post a messge on our Message Board. Our more advanced members love to help out, too!

*** The Hummingbird Doily in the Bigger Mesh is now available. ***

Learn how to Crochet with a larger Mesh
If you like Filet Crochet, you just have to join in on this Crochet-Along. You'll learn how to Crochet a larger Mesh (about 1/3 larger than the regular Filet Mesh). Some patterns are specially designed for the larger Crochet Mesh. But you can use all the Filet patterns you already own, and Crochet them using the larger Mesh. Since your finished piece will be about 1/3 larger than usual, it is perfect to make larger items such as Curtains, Tablecloths or Table Toppers.

Here's how the Crochet-Along works
In 6 step-by-step lessons, you can Crochet the beautiful Swan Lake Round Doily and Curtain. Together, they form a matched set.

If you're intimidated in learning new stitches, don't be! You get to Practice the new stitches on a smaller Coaster first. You can try it as many times as you need to feel comfortable before you move on to the larger practice Square Doily. Once you've mastered the techniques, then move on to Crochet the Round Swan Lake Doily and Swan Lake Curtain.

Join us on Saturday, Monday, and Wednesday (over two weeks) as we offer the Filet Crochet instructions for the next few rows of these patterns. Access and print the Lessons at your leisure. We'll keep the Crochet-Along online a while to give you time to print all lessons. If you join the class after we started, you can access and print all the lessons available up to that point.

If you ever have any questions, then help is not far away. You can 1) write a message on the Message Board, or 2) Send an email to Hardy. You're never alone.

The Crochet-Alongs are a lot of fun! It's easier to learn in a group. Don't forget to tell your friends about the Crochet-Along so they can join in too.

Now available Online or in printed book format: You can order this Crochet-Along where you print the lessons on your own computer. Or, you can order a beautiful, professional color-laser printed version (spiral bound). We mail the books out as soon as we process your payment. You can still "Crochet Along with the group."

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Pre-requisites: You should already know these stitches:
  • Open and Filled Squares
  • How to Increase and Decrease Squares
  • The Lacet Stitch

  • *Free* Intro Filet Crochet-Along: Learn the basic stitches and techniques in the Little Hearts Doily Crochet-Along. Now with new crochet stitch videos. Best of all, it's free

    Lesson 1 - Practice coaster
    Lesson 1 - Square Doily
    Lesson 1     In this lesson, you will
    • Review the basic stitches
    • Learn how to crochet Open Squares, Filled Squares and the Shadow Stitch
    • Learn How to calculate the foundation chain
    • Crochet the Square Coaster (practice the basic stitches)
    • Crochet the Square Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson 1

    Now Available
    Lesson 2 - Swan Doily Lesson 2     In this lesson, you will
    • Learn how to Increase Open Squares
    • Practice Increasing Open Squares while making the lower part of the Swan Lake Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson 2

    Now Available
    Lesson 3 - Swan Doily Lesson 3     In this lesson, you will
    • Learn how to Decrease Open Squares
    • Practice Decreasing Open Squares while making the upper part of the Swan Lake Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson 3

    Now Available
    Lesson 4 - Swan Curtain Lesson 4     In this lesson, you will
    • Learn a new way to Crochet the Lacet Stitch and Big Holes
    • Tip: how to crochet a curtain
    • Learn how to draw lines using the Puff Stitch
    • Crochet part one of the Swan Lake Curtain

    Click to Go To Lesson 4

    Now Available
    Lesson 5 - Swan Curtain Lesson 5     In this lesson, you will
    • Learn how to calculate the wide of the curtain
    • Crochet all the stitches covered in the Crochet-Along while Crocheting part two of the Swan Lake Curtain
    • Learn how to attach new Thread

    Click to Go To Lesson 5

    Now Available
    Lesson 6 - Swan Curtain Lesson 6     In this lesson, you will
    • Crochet part three of the Curtain
    • Crochet the little edging
    • Learn how to secure the stitches
    • Learn how to block your finished Curtain

    Click to Go To Lesson 6

    Now Available
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    Take a moment to help us improve the Crochet-Along. Let us know what you liked and didn't like. Make your voice count! Thanks for taking your time.

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