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Table Runner Pattern

Crochet-Along & Learn how to crochet a Table Runner
Little Hearts Table Runner Crochet-Along
Online Filet Crochet Class
Also available self-paced

Free Crochet Patterns
Little Hearts
Table Runner

Crochet-Along Finished Table Runner

Thread: 1 1/2 Balls #20 (white)

Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)

Size: 10.8" width (27.5 cm)
23.4" long (59 cm)

Each extra Center Segment:
Add 4.5" (11.5 cm) to the length
Learn how to Crochet a Table Runner.

UPDATE 2023: Now offered Self-Paced, or Crochet-Along with our Group.

Valentines Crochet Heart

Here's how the Crochet-Along works
In 3 easy step-by-step lessons, you can Crochet this Table Runner. The design is so versatile. It allows you to extend the Table Runner to almost any length, by adding more center segments.

Join our Crochet-Along group as we offer the Filet Crochet instructions for the next few rows of this Pattern. Access and print the Lessons at your leisure. We keep the Lessons online so you can print them any time.

When ordered individually, this Crochet-Along includes one extra Table Runner pattern of your choice. Let us know which one you want by writing the name in the Comment on the Check out page in PayPal. Or, you can send an email to Hardy at hassdesign@aol.com   Free pattern not included in Crochet-Along club.

Pre-requisites: You should already know these stitches:
  • Open and Filled Squares
  • How to Increase and Decrease Squares
  • The Lacet Stitch

  • *Free* Intro Filet Crochet-Along: Learn the basic stitches and techniques in the Little Hearts Doily Crochet-Along. Now with new crochet stitch videos. Best of all, it's free

    Our group Crochet-Along classes are a lot of fun! You get to work on the same project as fellow crocheters from around-the-world. Or you can work self-paced throughout the year.

    Don't forget to tell your friends about the Crochet-Along.

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    includes 1 extra
    Table Runner Pattern

    Please contact Hardy for any questions.  Send an Email to hassdesign@aol.com

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      Supplies you'll need (as shown with 2 repeating segments)
    • 1 1/2 balls Thread #20 (white)
    • Hook Size #9 or #10
      (you'll need more thread if you're using Thread #10)
    Lesson 1 Lesson 1

      In this Lesson, you will
    • Review Some Basic Stitches covered in this Crochet-Along class
    • Learn how to Crochet a Table Runner in Filet Crochet
    • Crochet the Beginning Segment

    Click to Go To Lesson 1

    Now Available
    Lesson 2
    Lesson 2

      In this Lesson, you will
    • Learn how to calculate the length of the Table Runner
    • Learn where to place the dc's in row 32
    • Crochet the repeating center segment
    • Learn how to add thread

    Click to Go To Lesson 2

    Now Available
    Lesson 3 Lesson 3

      In this Lesson, you will
    • Crochet the End segment
    • Learn how to secure the thread while Crocheting the final round
    • Learn how to block your Table Runner

    Click to Go To Lesson 3

    Now Available
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