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Holiday Spirit Doily Crochet-Along
in Filet Crochet
Online Filet Crochet Classes
Also offered Self-Paced

Free Crochet Patterns Special Offer
Holiday Spirit Doily
Crochet-Along Finished Doily

Thread: 1 Ball #20
Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)
Size: 14" diameter (36 cm)

Jingle Bell Ornament
Crochet-Along Finished Ornament

Thread: 1/4 Ball Red #20
 few yards of GOLD
Hook: 1.25 mm (#10)
Size: 4.5" x 5.5"
(11 x 14 cm)

Candle Ornament
Crochet-Along Bonus Candle Ornament

Snowflake Ornament
Crochet-Along Bonus Snowflake Ornament
UPDATE 2023: Crochet-Along with our online group or work on your own.
All Lessons 1-6 are Available. Click on 'Go To Lesson' Button below.

Here's how the Crochet-Along works
In 6 easy step-by-step lessons, you can Crochet these Christmas Ornaments and the Holiday Spirit Doily.

Join us on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday (over 2 weeks) as we offer the Filet Crochet instructions for the next few rows of these Patterns. Access and print the Lessons at your leisure.

The first lesson will cover the basic techniques in Filet Crochet used in this Crochet-Along. We will practice them by making the Jingle Bell Ornament.

Lessons 2-6 will build upon the basics. You will learn how to make Big Holes and the Lacet Stitch. We will finish off our Filet Doily with a nice border in Thread Crochet.

The designs for this Crochet-Along will be presented using Patterns and some Charts. We will start you off with a Chart and detail written instructions for each row to help you become familiar with the Pattern. Then by lesson 3, you should be able to work only from the Pattern.

Our Crochet-Alongs are a lot of fun! Work on your own, or with our group. Don't forget to tell your Crochet Groups about the Crochet-Along.

There are 2 easy ways to Sign-up for the Crochet-Along.

Online Sign-up
  • The Online Sign-up method is fast, safe and secure.
  • To Sign-up you Add to Cart

    Any questions? Email Hardy at HassDesign@aol.com

    If you join the group class after it starts, you can access and print all the lessons available up to that point.
      Supplies you'll need All levels (Beginner-Advanced)
    • 1/4 ball Thread #20 (in Red or any other color you like!)
    • A few yards of Gold
    • One ball Thread #20 (in White)
    • Hook Size #9 or #10
    When your done, email us a picture of your finished work and we'll put it on the web for all to see! Save it as a .jpg file. Use a contrasting background to make your Doily stand out. Send your picture to HassDesign@aol.com Let us know if you would like to include your First Name (or Email Address) and City. We reserve the right to edit the pictures to make them fit on the page better.

    Pre-requisites: You should already know these stitches:
  • Open and Filled Squares
  • How to Increase and Decrease Squares
  • The Lacet Stitch

  • *Free* Intro Filet Crochet-Along: Learn the basic stitches and techniques in the Little Hearts Doily Crochet-Along. Now with new crochet stitch videos. Best of all, it's free

    Lesson 1 - Jingle Bell Ornament

    Lesson 1 - Holiday Spirit Doily
    Lesson 1    In this lesson, you will
    • Learn some Basic Filet Techniques
    • Learn how to Calculate the Foundation Chain
    • Learn how to Work a Stitch Gauge
    • Learn how to Increase Open Squares
    • Crochet the Jingle Bell Ornament by Increasing Squares
    • Crochet Rows 1-3 of the Holiday Spirit Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson 1
    Lesson 1

    Stitch Review
    Stitch Review

    Now Available
    Lesson 2 - Holiday Spirit Doily Lesson 2    In this lesson, you will
    • Learn how to Crochet Big Squares
    • Crochet Rows 4-12 of the Holiday Spirit Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson

    Now Available
    Lesson 3 - Holiday Spirit Doily Lesson 3    In this lesson, you will
    • Learn How to Crochet the Lacet Stitch
    • Crochet Rows 13-25 of the Holiday Spirit Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson

    Now Available
    Lesson 4 - Holiday Spirit Doily Lesson 4    In this lesson, you will
    • Learn How to Decrease Open Squares
    • Crochet the Jingle Bell Ornament by Decreasing Squares
    • Crochet Rows 26-38 of the Holiday Spirit Doily

    Click to Go To Lesson

    Now Available
    Lesson 5 - Holiday Spirit Doily Lesson 5    In this lesson, you will
    • Crochet Rows 39-51 of the Holiday Spirit Doily
    • Learn How to Secure the Thread
    • Crochet the Candle Ornament

    Click to Go To Lesson

    Now Available
    Lesson 6 - Holiday Spirit Doily Lesson 6   In this lesson, you will
    • Crochet the Border around the Holiday Spirit Doily
    • Learn How to Block your Finished Doily
    • Crochet the Snowflake Ornament

    Click to Go To Lesson

    Now Available
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    Take a moment to help us improve the Crochet-Along. Let us know what you liked and didn't like. Make your voice count! We have a few new questions this time.

    Thanks for taking the time.

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